Saturday, March 24, 2007

What a *Gawgis* Day!

The weather was just lovely today!
The colors in the forsythias are breathtaking..The Bradford pears are realy putting on a show here too, with their beautiful snow white blooms, complimented with all the beautiful spring flowers...It is somewhat of a visual feast!

I went to the Mennonite country in Ky. today. They have opened a store , well actually they call it an Amish store..They have a lot of things from the Amish in Ohio, right smack dab in Mennonite country.. Go Figure..
But anyway the store is so cool.. They have tons of little dabs of this and that in these little clear containers! I must have gotten 10 of them.. They had anything you can think of.. pancake mixes, licorce jelly beans (like shown in the pic)cookie sprinkles, gummi bears, oatmeal mixed with dried blueberries..muffin mixes..etc etc. plus a vast array of fresh baked goodies..Yum! It sure was an adventure..Oh yeah, there were guys coming in getting sandwiches that looked WONDERFUL! Pretty neat adventure.. I got some great feed for the horses down the road, too! I always like to go there, it is a different world..
Sunday is almost here,, time for a new adventure! More then..I am glad I am not Amish.. I would miss the 'net....:)

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Michele said...

so I wonder how the minnonites make gummi bears?? hum...... that's wild!